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PostSubject: Spoiler Tag   Spoiler Tag Icon_minitimeSun Oct 12, 2008 6:26 pm

This is important!

What is a spoiler tag?

A spoiler tag is a BBC command that prevents spoiling the game for others. It hides the spoiler until someone chooses to click on it. If any of the game story line or mission solutions are requested and discussed in the forum, please make sure that your post is properly formatted (by using the spoiler tag) so that other members do not read it accidentally. Giving the user and idea of what the spoiler is about before you post the spoiler is always helpful.

How do I make a spoiler tag?

Within your post type (replacing the 0's with o's):

[sp0iler] This is where the spoiler will be hidden and then revealed when a user chooses to click on it. [/sp0iler]
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Spoiler Tag
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